ArtAround Roswell 2018 Sculpture

Ask the Fish 2.0 by Dr Stephen Fairfield

About Ask the Fish 2.0

Ask The Fish 2.0 exemplifies Roswell’s spirit. The work represents the fusion of natural and man-made. The fish symbolizes nature and creation, with the hand representing human kind’s dominion over the natural, yet still cherishing creation. The fish’s skin of holographic film diffracts light both day and night, shimmering and changing colors depending on the viewer’s position. This diffraction is a well-known quality of many natural wonders, such as fish scales, butterfly wings and the ruby-breasted hummingbird’s chest.

The inspiration for the sculpture came from a revelatory experience the artist had while walking in the high plains desert where he lives in Arizona near the Dragoon Mountains. Later, the sculpture’s explanation came from reading Job 12:8-10. What will you ask the fish? #askthefish #artaroundroswell

Location: Don White at 400 Bridge

Purchase Price: $20,000
Materials: fiberglass, steel, holographic film
Dimensions 14’ x 6’ x 5’

Generously sponsored by: 
Carl Black Buick GMC 
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