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What is Artist Around the Table?

The City of Roswell completed its Public Art Master Plan in March 2016. Although a percent for art policy has not yet become policy, Roswell Arts Fund, the city’s designated arts agency has been strengthening the public art landscape and mindset for over three years with its annual ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour, Street Pianos, and support and advocacy for additional murals and private developer engagement. 

We believe public art can activate the city’s Modern Spirit. Southern Soul.

The Artist Around the Table (AAT) program is a first of its kind in our region and the work sessions, are key drivers in implementing Roswell’s Public Art Master Plan. Twice a year, artists and arts administrators of various expertise meet with City of Roswell department leaders to discuss how art can be integrated in current and future projects and to build a focused partnership that will advance city-wide goals around the arts. 

Artist Around the Table program objectives: 

  • Populate our pipeline of public art opportunities
  • Enable the city to prioritize investments
  • Create a list of “grant” ready public art projects
  • Advance the Public Art Master Plan implementation
  • Enable developers to envision their projects and potential through the eyes of an artist

Inaugural Artist Around the Table Work Session –  December 2018

Five accomplished public artists (Michael Dillon, Lauren Dilllon, Gregory Johnson, Megan McKeithan, Marcus Mello) who focus on different materials and mediums (metal, light, stone, mural, mosaic, earthworks) were invited to a half day work session with four Roswell City Department representatives. Each department was given 30 minutes to present up to three of their current or future projects, followed by 30 minutes of engaging dialogue with the attending artists to explore potential integration of public art, either functionally or stand alone. The presentations were sequential. The discussion dynamic.  

Read the initial report below.   

Second work Session: May 20, 2019

In the most recent work session on May 20, four art professionals who focus on different aspects of Public Art programming were invited to give an overview of their work or program and discuss the following topics:

  • How does a Percent for Art Program Work: Funding to Project Management
  • How is a Percent of Art Program Established
  • An Artists perspective on Working with Cities.
  • Why is a Public Art Program an important step for the future of city planning/strategic planning

City Departments were invited to listen and participate in a Q&A following each speakers’ presentation.

This session’s Artist Around the Table program speaker included:

  • Alex Frankcombe, Public Art Manager, Fulton County Arts & Culture
  • Robert Witherspoon, Public Art Program Manager, City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs
  • David Landis, Sculptor and Public Artist
  • Josh Lapp, Principal at Designing Local


If you have questions regarding the Artists Around the Table program please email publicart@roswellartsfund.org

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