2020 Pop Up Performance Series

Friday March 20th:  
John Driskell Hopkins Band

Special Guest: Angie Aparo 

Where: The Roswell Historic Cottage, 972 Alpharetta St,
Roswell, GA 30075.  
Doors open at 6:30 pm, tickets are $35. 

The musical career of John Driskell Hopkins spans more than 20 years. As a member of several rock bands, Hopkins first rooted himself in the Atlanta music scene in 1995 — but he is most well-known as a founding member, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter of the GRAMMY Award-winning Zac Brown Band.

Hopkins became a founding member of the Zac Brown Band (ZBB) in 2005 as a bass player and has enjoyed engineering and songwriting credits on hit songs including “Toes,” “It’s Not OK,” and “Sic Em On A Chicken,” from the triple-platinum selling record The Foundation, as well as “Nothing,” “I Play The Road,” and “Settle Me Down,” from the platinum selling record, You Get What You Give. Hopkins also co-wrote the second single from the Zac Brown Band’s third platinum album, Uncaged, entitled “Goodbye in Her Eyes”—which was the group’s ninth Billboard No. 1 single. Hopkins met Zac Brown while hosting an open mic night at the Atlanta.
Over the next several years, they remained friends and with Hopkins lending a production hand, they released the first Zac Brown album, Home Grown, in 2004.
As ZBB continues to garner critical and public success through numerous awards — including three GRAMMY Awards — Hopkins continues to share the spotlight on stage with his band of fellow songwriters and friends. He has added the title of multi-instrumentalist to his ZBB resume, playing Banjo on the single “Homegrown,’’ which became their 11th No. 1 hit on the Billboard country charts in March 2015, from the album Jekyll and Hyde. Hopkins is also a contributing writer on that album’s second single, “Heavy Is the Head” featuring Chris Cornell, which debuted at No. 37 on Billboard mainstream rock chart—marking their first appearance on that chart. The band played both singles as musical guests on “Saturday Night Live” on March 7, 2015.

When he’s not touring, Hopkins works out of his Brighter Shade Studios songwriting and producing a growing crop of talent. Hop continues to perform at music festivals and venues across the country with his original six-piece band, The John Driskell Hopkins Band, which includes: Mike Rizzi on drums/vocals; Sean McIntyre on bass/vocals; Leah Calvert on fiddle/vocals; Greg Earnest on banjo; and Brian Bisky on keyboard/vocals. There are 11 episodes available of Hopkins’ ongoing Podcast, “Under the Influence with John Driskell Hopkins” on iTunes — most of which were recorded while on the road with other bandmates or fellow tourmates. Another favorite activity is taking his Harley out for a lap of the city du jour. Hopkins shares his life, on and off the road, with his amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.

Angie Aparo is A Folk Rock Country Punk Jazz Singer trapped in a love song. His powerful words, vocals, instruments, effects are wrapped up into musical art films. Angie is an audio scientist with sounds, both modern and traditional, then mixing technology that we use every day, like Siri to create his songs. What has come out of him is a gutted-out heart, a rewired brain, and motor skills that are sharper than a butcher knife in the kitchen. You might know him from his songs, being covered by Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Big & Rich, Edwin McCain, Sheila E. and Miley Cyrus. You might go to his solo shows. If you have the CD, THE AMERICAN; you heard greatness, if you saw him live; you saw genius. And his latest album, Life Is A Flower, Life Is A Gun, (Schoolkids Records) is aptly titled for someone who has gone through several life-changing events.

Angie suffered a stroke at the age of 55. At Decatur’s famed acoustic room Eddie’s Attic, in April 2016, just a few months after the incident, Angie told the engaged listeners he might have some trouble with his songs. A few minutes later, he admitted he had suffered a stroke. He wasn’t looking for a pity party; he was looking for his place in the world. He didn’t waiver, didn’t stop and didn’t complain. The audience gave him thumbs up, and he sang on. During this time of healing, while Angie was recovering from his stroke, he decided to create as much art – musically and visually – as he could not knowing what the next day would bring. He
collected sounds, effects and melodies like some people collect stamps. From songs, like “Churchbells VS Television” to “Little Black Dress” to “Bicycle Kings” to “Punk Rock Girl” he runs the gamut of emotions and subjects. Even attacks a heartbreak from his last marriage with “The Science of Goodbye” to comprehend what happened.

Signed to Arista by Clive Davis in 2000, he tells a story about one of his appointments with the legendary industry head. He couldn’t remember “Cry” for it had been a while so he called home for the words and he sat down at the hotel lobby piano to figure it out. He went into the office meeting with the song, and all Mr. Davis wanted to know was; what were the words to the song. So Angie read the words and for a moment, Angie had Clive Davis in the palm of his hand. Critics and fans received the album The American, produced by Matt Serletic (Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul) with delight and craving for more. He released eight more and continued to tour. He wrote songs with the duo Big & Rich, co-wrote a song for percussionist Shelia E. and graced and shared stages with Faith Hill, Zac Brown, Matchbox Twenty and Edwin McCain. He is a master storyteller and a live act that is hard to follow

2020 Pop-Up Performance Series

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Tickets benefit the Roswell Arts Fund and its mission of bringing world-class arts opportunities to Roswell and greater north metropolitan Atlanta.

RAF envisions creating a new, state-of-the-art and regionally distinct performance space. Having completed a feasibility study in 2019, RAF understands how a new performance space for music, theatre, and dance—a place where our community gathers to enjoy a favorite band or ballet production, a destination for entertainment, inspiration, and laughter, and to present fresh opportunities to showcase emerging talent and bring world-class performances—will expand and enhance Roswell’s arts and culture scene.

The 2020 Pop-Up Performance Series presents curated performing arts experiences to engage audiences and strengthen community support for development of the new facility. Additional experiences will be “popping up” throughout Roswell in 2020.

Initial sponsors for the 2020 Pop-Up Performance Series include our Premier Sponsor Martin’s Garden at Coleman Farm, joined by From the Earth Brewing Company, Roswell Historic Cottage, Mojo Vinyl Records, Gate City Brewing and Hitch Law, LLC