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The current pandemic has momentarily closed the doors for many traditional spaces dedicated to art but the desire for connection and creative experiences is thriving. Roswell has a wealth of nontraditional outdoor spaces to explore and there is an opportunity to curate unique and unexpected experiences for neighborhoods throughout the city.

Roswell Arts Fund, in partnership with the City of Roswell, Getty Images, and the Hagan Family Foundation is seeking entries from artists and photographers for a new, exciting outdoor photography exhibition. The Roswell in Print photography exhibit is designed to highlight the diverse characteristics of the City of Roswell, using visual storytellers to capture it through beautiful, compelling imagery and displayed in a non-traditional space.


Roswell in Print Objectives include:

  • Share photography and art in non-traditional spaces.
  • Promote the collection and sale of new photography works.
  • Raise the artistic merit of the public art of Roswell.
    Give artists new and exciting ways to share their work with new audiences.
  • Encourage the participation from artists of color and represent the diversity of the City of Roswell and potential through the eyes of an artist

Capturing Roswell's Character

Set in a series of three-month periods, work will be displayed alongside curated photographs from Getty Images. These exhibit periods are October through December, February through April, and June through August. Each exhibit will explore a theme chosen from one of the concepts identified as a part of Roswell’s “community char-acter framework” in Roswell’s Public Art Master Plan, using each of the sub-themes as inspiration.


  • We are our River – warm, reflective, life giving, bubbling, vigorous, meandering
  • We are our Colors – blossoming, vibrant, scenic, Roswell clay, consequential, sustainable
  • We are Forward Thinking – intentional, inclusive, blended, charming, verdant, illustrious

All images selected for exhibition will be available for print sales with 70 percent of the sale going to the artist. Works will be displayed with consideration for safe, socially distanced experience.



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