4 Art Sculptures To Remain In Roswell


Reception, Sweet Pops of Brilliance and Sentience were bought by the Roswell Arts Fund and Steady was acquired by the Hagan family.

ROSWELL, GA — The Roswell Arts Fund has purchased three sculptures from its 2017 ArtAround Roswell tour as gifts to the city. Reception, Sweet Pops of Brilliance and Sentience will all remain permanently in Roswell thanks, in part, to generous donations by local businesses and residents. Steady has been purchased by the Hagan Family Foundation.

The sculptures will join two other permanent pieces purchased from last year’s tour, Smoke in the Historic Roswell Square and Oak Leaf Triptych in Roswell Area Park.

Reception, created by Nigerian artist Fred Ajanogha, is located at the Roswell Riverwalk near the Chattahoochee Nature Center and the city’s border with Cobb County. Reception welcomes visitors to the city, fulfilling a Nigerian tradition that visitors should be greeted by the most beautiful woman within the house and offered a gift. The sculpture made of stone cast is of an African woman, dressed in traditional attire, holding a drinking gourd as a peace offering.

Sweet Pops of Brilliance by artist Craig Snyder features man-made materials forged into a whimsical form, then infused with bright primary shades. The sculpture is made from various types of rolled and forged steel and hand-painted with bright patinas. This piece was created to remind people of their fun, happy memories with family and friends. Fittingly, it remains in East Roswell Park, near the lake, fields, paths and Recreation Center where these happy memories are made everyday.

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