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2018 Sculptures

Every Sculpture Tells A Story

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Welcome to the 2018 Sculpture Tour

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1. The Uniting of Work and Spirit


The hard work of cutting and welding metal is joined with the artist’s vision about spirit. The sculpture’s genesis was at a big Atlanta scrap metal yard, where he purchased the bulldozer tooth that is positioned near the sculpture’s top. He surmounted it with a figure of a running female torch-bearing Olympic athlete. He created a pyramid to hold up the tooth.


How does work unite with spirit in your life?
#unitingofworkandspirit #artaroundroswell


Price: $4000


Location: Mill Park

Materials: Steel

Dimensions 106” x 30″ x 30″

2. Ask The Fish 2.0

3. Votive

4. Low-Poly Open Heart

5. Ice Pops


Watch as these giant popsicles appear to melt under the warmth of the sunshine. This work is inspired by the artist’s imagination of times past, sitting in the back of the family Ford Pinto Wagon, watching the world pass by. Influenced by family vacations he experienced as a child, his sculptures are heavily-inspired by Roadside Americana.


The artist, Craig Gray, believes public sculpture can inspire a community while weaving the cultural fabricate of a location into one visual piece.


What are your favorite childhood memories? #icepops #artaroundroswell


Purchase Price: $15,000


Location: Riverside Park, West (Playground)

Materials: Steel, Wood, Stucco

Dimensions 108” x 60″ x 60″

6. Granite Ring

7. Dual Nature

8. Horse Apple

9. Social Tones

10. Celestial Fish

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