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ArtAround Roswell Permanent Sculptures

Ask the Fish 2.0
By Dr. Stephen Fairchild

Ask The Fish 2.0 exemplifies Roswell’s spirit. The work represents the fusion of natural and man-made. The fish symbolizes nature and creation, with the hand representing human kind’s dominion over the natural, yet still cherishing creation. The fish’s skin of holographic film diffracts light both day and night, shimmering and changing colors depending on the viewer’s position. This diffraction is a well-known quality of many natural wonders, such as fish scales, butterfly wings and the ruby-breasted hummingbird’s chest.

The inspiration for the sculpture came from a revelatory experience the artist had while walking in the high plains desert where he lives in Arizona near the Dragoon Mountains. Later, the sculpture’s explanation came from reading Job 12:8-10. What will you ask the fish? #askthefish #artaroundroswell

Location: Don White at 400 Bridge

Purchased by Roswell Arts Fund with the assistance of a generous donation from Carl Black Buick, GMC Roswell.  2018


Granite Ring by
Chris Rothermel

From 2005-2011, Rothermel was a sculpture professor at Hong Kong Baptist University in China, where he was asked to help start the Academy of Visual Arts. He received research grants to travel throughout China to different sculpture zones to find raw materials.

He found the raw material that created Granite Ring on one of these ventures. The core was cut out of it in its existing form, but it was about four times bigger. He was inspired by its history, symmetry and the beauty of the piece. He is interested in pulling and pushing surfaces and planes, the polishing of the piece, and the simple nature of it all.

Location: Cultural Arts Center, Bridge Entrance

Purchased by Roswell Arts Fund and The Hagan Family Foundation as a lasting tribute to Robert Farley and his immeasurable contributions to the arts in our city.  2018

Horse Apple by James Hetherington

When the artist was a child, he would take a long a walk from the dairy barn to the cow pasture and journey into the cedar forest. His adventures took him to meet packs of coyotes and tall horses.

Curiosity and wonderment inspired him to follow these ginormous horses. He would watch them graze and eat from the Horse Apple trees.

The restorative transformation of materials into sculptures that honor the past life of once forgotten objects that furthers the very philosophy and purpose of sustainability and repurposing that has driven the artist’s work. His intention is to trigger the viewers and users curiosity, “Where did this come from? What was its former use?”  #artaroundrowsell

Location: Leita Thompson Park

A donation from the artist and Roswell Arts Fund as a gift to the city. 2018

The Uniting of Work and Spirit by Robert Clements

The hard work of cutting and welding metal is joined with the artist’s vision about spirit. The sculpture’s genesis was at a big Atlanta scrap metal yard, where he purchased the bulldozer tooth that is positioned near the sculpture’s top. He surmounted it with a figure of a running female torch-bearing Olympic athlete. He created a pyramid to hold up the tooth.

How does work unite with spirit in your life? #artaroundroswell

Location: Mill Park

Purchased by Randall-Paulson Architects, as a gift the to the city in honor of the 25th anniversary of their business. 2018

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