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1. The Uniting of Work and Spirit

The hard work of cutting and welding metal is joined with the artist’s vision about spirit. The sculpture’s genesis was at a big Atlanta scrap metal yard, where he purchased the bulldozer tooth that is positioned near the sculpture’s top. He surmounted it with a figure of a running female torch-bearing Olympic athlete. He created a pyramid to hold up the tooth.

How does work unite with spirit in your life?
#unitingofworkandspirit #artaroundroswell

Price: $4000

Location: Mill Park

Materials: Steel

Dimensions 106” x 30" x 30"

2. Ask The Fish 2.0

Ask The Fish 2.0 exemplifies Roswell’s spirit. The work represents the fusion of natural and man-made. The fish symbolizes nature and creation, with the hand representing human kind’s dominion over the natural, yet still cherishing creation. The fish’s skin of holographic film diffracts light both day and night, shimmering and changing colors depending on the viewer’s position. This diffraction is a well-known quality of many natural wonders, such as fish scales, butterfly wings and the ruby-breasted hummingbird’s chest.

The inspiration for the sculpture came from a revelatory experience the artist had while walking in the high plains desert where he lives in Arizona near the Dragoon Mountains. Later, the sculpture’s explanation came from reading Job 12:8-10. What will you ask the fish? #askthefish #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $20,000

Location: Don White at 400 Bridge

Materials: fiberglass, steel, holographic film

Dimensions 14’ x 6’ x 5’

3. Votive

The name Votive is derived from the word “devotional” - in the past offerings were made at votives in order to gain personal favor. A soft visual space is created to draw you in - one that results in a contemplative moment. Curves and circles are used to sculpt feelings. There are no wrong interpretive few points.

Oftentimes, one beautiful line without beginning, middle or end, the circle is a spiritual shape that invites interpretation and alludes to the circle of life. All great sculpture begins and ends in the same place - a person’s heart.

Do you find balance and contemplation in this sculpture? #votive #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $16,500

Location: Don White Volleyball

Materials: Stainless Steel Powder Finished Coated

Dimensions 63” x 56" x 32"

4. Low-Poly Open Heart

This sculpture is made out of aluminum diamond plate, often seen in truck boxes and other industrial materials. It is an incredibly strong, but extremely light material. The piece was designed using an advanced algorithm, which chopped up a 3D model into a low polygon structure of interlocking triangle. Each triangle is cut using a water jet (hydro-cutting), that uses high pressured water and small pieces of garnet to cut out the shapes.

The artist enjoys using cutting-edge technology like hydro-cutting, 3-D printing, and CAD modeling, combined with traditional methods of sculpture making. Can you see the technical and aesthetics aspects that create Open Low-Poly Heart?

#openlowpolyheart #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $15,000

Location: East Roswell Entrance

Materials: Aluminum Diamondplate, low-VOC Enamel

Dimensions 5” x 5" x 2.5"

5. Ice Pops

Watch as these giant popsicles appear to melt under the warmth of the sunshine. This work is inspired by the artist’s imagination of times past, sitting in the back of the family Ford Pinto Wagon, watching the world pass by. Influenced by family vacations he experienced as a child, his sculptures are heavily-inspired by Roadside Americana.

The artist, Craig Gray, believes public sculpture can inspire a community while weaving the cultural fabricate of a location into one visual piece.

What are your favorite childhood memories? #icepops #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $15,000

Location: Riverside Park, West (Playground)

Materials: Steel, Wood, Stucco

Dimensions 108” x 60" x 60"

6. Granite Ring

From 2005-2011, Rothermel was a sculpture professor at Hong Kong Baptist University in China, where he was asked to help start the Academy of Visual Arts. He received research grants to travel throughout China to different sculpture zones to find raw materials.

He found the raw material that created Granite Ring on one of these ventures. The core was cut out of it in its existing form, but it was about four times bigger. He was inspired by its history, symmetry and the beauty of the piece. He is interested in pulling and pushing surfaces and planes, the polishing of the piece, and the simple nature of it all. What materials in nature inspire you? #granitering #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $18,000

Location: Cultural Arts Center, Bridge Entrance

Materials: Blue Pearl Granite

Dimensions 60” x 20" x 8"

7. Dual Nature

Dual Nature explores the visual effects of color inspired by contradictions in human nature. One side of the pieces is bright red, while the other side is a myriad of colors and shades. The style of sculpture is linked to Expressionism and Optical Art.

The artist is inspired by color, nature and geometry. Her goal as an artist is to create unique and engaging sculptures that propose a dynamic interaction with the viewer.

What contradictions do you see in human nature? #dualnature #artartoundroswell

Purchase Price: $35,000

Location: Big Creek

Materials: Aluminum, urethane, paint, epoxies, automotive finishes

Dimensions Dimensions: 95" x 45" x 23"

8. Horse Apple

When the artist was a child, he would take a long a walk from the dairy barn to the cow pasture and journey into the cedar forest. His adventures took him to meet packs of coyotes and tall horses.

Curiosity and wonderment inspired him to follow these ginormous horses. He would watch them graze and eat from the Horse Apple trees.

The restorative transformation of materials into sculptures that honor the past life of once forgotten objects that furthers the very philosophy and purpose of sustainability and repurposing that has driven the artist’s work. His intention is to trigger the viewers and users curiosity, “Where did this come from? What was its former use?” #horseapple #artaroundrowsell

Purchase Price: $40,000

Location: Leita Thompson, Arts Center West Entrance

Materials: steel plate (from heavy bakery equipment), rebar (from a highway construction site), steel shot (from a rock crusher)

Dimensions 15' x 8' on 32" x 32" x 2.5" base

9. Social Tones

Social Tones is a part of a series of work that is meant to communicate something to the landscape and the viewer - in general, it was about our technology and how we use it to communicate. The work creates relevance to the fundamental principles and mission of learning and brings awareness to communication efforts as it relates to personal growth and change.

In designing and producing large scale public sculptures, Pierce’s work has developed a harmonious relationship with the public landscape. The sculpture will not only stimulate conversation but also challenge our perceptions of the changing landscape through contemporary sculpture.

What conversation does this sculpture spark for you? #socialtones #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $25,000

Location: Hembree Park

Materials: epoxy coated steel

Dimensions 5’ x 5’ x 5’ each

10. Celestial Fish

The monumental Celestial Fish is made up of over 500 pounds of automobile transmission parts welded together to form a giant fish that stands elegantly on three fins. A carefully selected assemblage of transmission gears form the fish’s eyes. The tail fin is swept to one side as to capture the fish in a swimming motion.

The circular spots on the side of the fish are made from an eclectic combination of gears, pulleys, rings, and car parts that represent the planets of our solar system, while the many small perforations look like stars, hence the name, Celestial Fish.

Can you find Saturn, Mars, Earth and the Sun? #celestialfish #artaroundroswell

Purchase Price: $35,000

Location: Roswell Area Park Lake

Materials: Steel assemblage

Dimensions 10” x 10.5" x 48"

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