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Roswell's Public Art Inventory

Below is an ever growing visual catalog of the public art you will find around Roswell, GA.  In addition to the works below ArtAround Roswell has cultivated a number of sculptures which were ultimately purchased for the city.  

Faces Of War Memorial

Don Haugen and Teena Stern c. May 29th, 1995

A Vietnam War memorial located in on the grounds of Roswell City Hall

Reclining Mother and Child

Steffen Thomas c. 1960 (Given in 1972) 

In front of the Roswell Library


RosWall which was launched in 2005 as an initiative of the nonprofit Roswell Arts Renaissance, has been dedicated Oct. 30 2008 as part of National Arts & Humanities Month.

The 125-foot colorful art mosaic is situated along the retaining wall behind Roswell Cultural Arts Center, which is located at 950 Forrest Street.



Roswell’s Mill Workers Monument 

A block east of the Roswell Town Square is a small park on Sloan Street with a monument dedicated to the memory of the 400 women mill workers and children. Some of the women eventually returned to Roswell, but some of the women’s fates remain an unsolved mystery


Roswell Visual Arts Center Animal Sculptures

Visual Arts Center, Roswell Area Park 

Christopher Condon 

c. 1999 

*Includes 8 other sculptures not pictured 

Sculpture Garden 

George Long and Mario Schambon c. May 30th 2009 

Behind the Visual Arts Center Roswell Area Park 

*Includes 3 other sculptures not pictured

Front Yard of Art Center West

Art Center West, Woodstock Road Various Artists

Leita Thompson Memorial Garden Bronzes

Leita Thompson Memorial Garden Woodstock Road

c. May 17th, 2006 and June 20th, 2007

Taylor Kinzel Gallery Sculpture

Outside of Taylor Kinzel Gallery 16 Elizabeth Way

Derrick Spivey c. 2003

How Do We Choose Public Art in Roswell?

All public art is managed through a similar process that provides for customization based on specific circumstances and budgets. These processes and recommended ordinances are presented in detail in our Public Art Master Plan. We’ve created a summary of the process for your review.