ArtAround Roswell 2022 - 2023 Temporary Sculpture

In Free Fall

Hanna Jubran | Grimesland, NC

Location: Big Creek Park

Materials:  Steel and Paint
Dimensions: 9′ x 4′ x 4′
Available for purchase: Contact Elan@RoswellArtsFund.org to learn more.


My work addresses the concepts of time, movement, balance, and space. Each sculpture occupies and creates its own reality influenced by its immediate surroundings. The work does not rely on one media to evoke the intended response but takes advantage of compatible materials such as wood, granite, steel, iron, and bronze.

This sculpture depicts the Celestial Motion in nature. The half circular forms can be interpreted as space and the Milky Way. The horizontal and vertical lines represent comets, gases, clouds, and heavenly objects. It expresses the universe from the micro to the macro. The interplay of shapes, forms, spaces, and colors change with the time of day and as you move around the piece. Between nature and the sculpture, I am condensing time and space. They are ever expanding. I would like the viewer to gaze, interact and experience my sculpture.

This sculpture fits the theme of Tradition in that every great culture deserves great art.

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ArtAround Roswell 2022: In Free Fall