ArtAround Roswell 2020 Sculpture

Lost Horizon

Mike Wsol | Lilburn GA

Location: Riverside Park West

Materials:  Weathered steel and faux grass
Dimensions: 10’ X 10’
Cost:  $22,000

Generously sponsored by: 
Carl Black Roswell Buick and GMC

In creating the Lost Horizon sculpture the artist intended to offer a point of isolation and insulation that allowed visitors an opportunity to focus on space, landscape, and self. The interactive sculpture provides an experience for the visitor to inhabit the atmosphere with their entire bodies while small parts touch the landscape. While the outside has an industrial form upon closer inspection, the viewer will recognize an entrance that allows access to the interior. Inside, the viewer can stand in the green faux grass lined funnel to raise his or her viewpoint. This space insulates sound and focuses the perspective from interior to surface to sky. Those that experience this sculpture often find a sense of isolation between the infinite depth of space and the insulating structure of the artwork. 

Mike Wsol is a multimedia artist who explores how architectural forms and cultural and political forces affect peoples’ lives and ability to function in developed societies. His current projects take the form of interactive sculpture, computer generated models, photographs, drawings and renderings. Wsol has exhibited in New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami, among other cities. Most recently he presented solo exhibitions at Solomon Projects Gallery in Atlanta and at Tennessee Technological University. He earned a MArch degree from The University of Virginia, a MFA in sculpture from The University of Georgia, a MA in sculpture and a BA in sculpture from Eastern Illinois University. Mike Wsol teaches Three-dimensional Studies at Georgia State University.

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